Opinion about my Trip to Peru

I made my first visit to Peru in November of 1995 and since that time have made 6 more trips there. The most recent also being in February of 1998. I stayed with my future husbands family in Callao. Each time that I have gone I have felt safer. In fact, on July 17th of 1998 we are having our Catholic wedding ceremony in Miraflores. We are taking my parents, my brother and 2 of my sisters with us. If we didn't feel it was safe we would never do this. I agree with Elizabeth also when she says forget about trying to blend in. You won't. Even my husband who was born and raised in Lima before moving to the States doesn't look like a local much anymore. He has spent over half of his life now in the States. People are curious. I agree wear a cheap watch. I think that is the single thing that I worry about. Petty theft. Since you stand out, you are a target. Like Elizabeth, I carry camera's and so on. I have never had a problem. But we do take necessary precautions, depending on where we are going and we are out and about everyday I think that the scariest place I went was to La Victoria. We went shopping at the Galleria's. All went fine. La Victoria is a way of life for people. My husbands family shops there. This doesn't mean that they prefer to go there, it is just within their budget to shop the informal marketplaces of Lima. Making a comparison of Lima with New York was right on. In fact, we were in New York last fall and it reminded me of one place, Lima. You have to watch for cars, they will not watch for you. Something we aren't used to here in the NW. On this trip for our wedding ceremony we are taking a trip with my parents to Cuzco. It is funny the questions that people ask me about the danger of traveling to Peru. 

To be honest I was more afraid of my visit to New York than I have ever been to Lima. I tell people that you have to be educated and take the necessary precautions like you do anywhere. For example, I would never take a walk through Central Park at night, no more than I would walk around places in Lima. There are places here in the wonderful NW that I have never gone, why?, the danger. I mean I thought Oregon was a wonderful, safe place to live and raise children. Have any of you read the news lately. Last Thursday Kip Kinkel walked into Thurston High School in Springville and opened fire. First he killed his parents. This is a rural area. I wanted to go get my children who were freshman and seniors in local high schools and bring them home. In a funny twist, when we are in Peru, people often ask if the US is as violent as they see on TV. People in Peru are just as afraid of coming here. They ask if people really carry guns here. Not only do they carry them but it is legal to do so. Do women go out alone and drive alone and so on. Puts a different light on things and gets one thinking..... For what it's worth that is my two cents!!